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Wiz, Wham, Alakazam!

Published on: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

There was immense excitement in assembly this morning as the highly anticipated details of this year’s summer show spectacular were revealed. Over the past few weeks I have dropped a few hints about the story and we have started learning some of the songs, but the most exciting thing is finding out what part you will be playing. This year the story is one of wizards and team work so has appealed greatly to all our Harry Potter fans!

‘Wiz, Wham, Alakazam’ has a captivating and amusing script and illuminates numerous PSHEE topics such as the importance of listening to each other, that everyone has a part to play when working as a team and it’s not always the loudest voice that has the most authority. It also draws out the Fundamental British Values of the rule of law, individual liberty, democracy, respect and tolerance which are so important to nurture in our children.

I can’t wait to get stuck into the production; I am possibly even more excited than the children!

Why is the Sky Blue?

Published on: Monday, May 14, 2018

Things have got off to a ‘whizz-bang’ start in Pre-Prep this week as we join Prep in celebrating all things science! I was never a huge fan of science as a child in school but as a teacher of young children it is one of my favourite things to teach, as seeing discoveries through their eyes and being drawn into their excitement is quite infectious!

The benefits of learning about science for young children are enormous. Firstly, it involves a lot of talking and listening to others and helps develop patience as science results aren’t always instantaneous. Science also helps build the skills of perseverance and problem-solving; children have to think about what could happen and create a hypothesis in their mind. The next step is to try out their idea and they quickly learn that not everything works the first time. Sometimes it all goes wrong and you have to question what went wrong and put it right before starting all over again. Science also develops the skills of researching; it can encourage children to be healthily sceptical about what they are told and to form their own opinion rather than take what they are told for granted. These might seem quite ‘big’ skills but are evident even in Nursery when a child is trying to work out how to get a ball to roll down a length of pipe and land in a desired location or when a child in Year 1 is working out how to make a ball of plasticine float by changing its shape.

To celebrate the week our assembly this morning focused on some amazing famous scientists who all asked lots of questions to puzzle things out. We read a really beautiful picture book story called, ‘On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein’ by Jennifer Berne, which inspired us all to remember, “The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” This was followed up with the first of many experiments we are planning to show the children this week which we hope will leave them excited, inspired and filled with a good dose of awe and wonder about the world around them. We hope too, they will ask lots of questions and realise we can all be scientists!

Bringing Learning to Life

Published on: Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Pre-Prep curriculum is ever-evolving as it responds to the children’s interests and developmental needs. However the curriculum is usually based around topic areas that are carefully planned to inspire the children’s imaginations as well as their creative and critical thinking skills. One of the most exciting ways staff achieve this is by planning trips out of school to give the children as many first-hand experiences as possible. Over the course of the year the children go on at least six trips to either provide a stimulus for their learning or provide consolidation of what has already been learned.

Since we came back for the summer term just a couple of weeks ago trips have already taken place and others are happening very soon. Year 1 were the first to go as they arrived in school dressed as fearsome pirates and travelled to Bristol for a swashbuckling adventure on board The Matthew. They sailed around the harbour, learned what life was like on a pirate ship and had great fun scaring the landlubbers! Reception also travelled to Bristol as part of their learning about Space and had the most magical time in the Planetarium (or Disco Ball as one child called it!). Year 2 are off to Longleat at the end of this week to enjoy a trip around the Safari Park as part of their learning about Africa; needless to say the children are VERY excited!

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