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There's a first time for everything

Published on: Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pre-Prep has been busy this week with lots of ‘first of the new academic year’ events. We had our first playtime visit from the marvellous Year 7 "Pelican Pals" which was much appreciated by the children, who hold them in the very highest regard.

Reception went on the first school trip of the term to Charlton Apple Orchard where they enjoyed exploring all things apple before even more adventures at a nearby park. We also opened the Pre-Prep doors to welcome our first Pelican Explorers (pre-school aged children and their families who take part in an array of activities such as Pelican Pioneers, Pelican Playgroup, La Jolie Ronde and Hockey Nippers throughout the school week).

The hobbies programme started this week too (much to the children’s delight!). They showcased their amazing talents in sport, crafts, dance, performance and the ever-popular ‘Hama Bead’ club (Miss Knight we salute your patience!). We also had our first wet playtime but are all happy the sun has returned as we much prefer to be outside!

Invisible Buckets

Published on: Monday, April 29, 2019

As the children arrived back at school following the Easter break, they shared all the things they are looking forward to during this term. High on the list was the possibility of swimming in the outdoor pool, closely followed by playtime on the field (without the added stress of putting on coats, welly boots, hats and gloves!) Other favourites included being able to take their learning outside of the classroom, and of course the Summer Show and Sports Day which is our traditional finale to the academic year. However, we thought about how many of these things relied on the weather. It is true that when the sun is shining we all tend to feel happier, but can we rely on the sun to shine throughout the whole of the Summer Term? We decided that the answer was probably not!

I introduced the idea of ‘bucket filling’ with the children using the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. It told us that we all carry an invisible bucket around with us which has only one job - to hold good thoughts and feelings about yourself. We learned that by saying and doing kind things for one another, we can make sure our buckets stay full. As well as this, we also learned that when we say or do unkind things we ‘dip’ into another's bucket and not only remove happiness from theirs, but also from our own, which will in turn make us feel sad.The children really picked up on this idea and could be heard thanking each other for helping to "fill their bucket" and reminding each other not to be a ‘bucket dipper’. Hopefully, with everyone filling buckets and the prospect of sunshine, we are set for a very happy Summer term!

The Power of ‘Yet’

Published on: Monday, March 25, 2019

To conclude our assemblies on developing a Growth Mindset, we thought about how we have all probably uttered the phrase, “I can’t do that” when faced with a difficult challenge. We now know that with practice, hard work and perseverance, this probably isn’t true, but that doesn’t mean everything will be easy. However, the addition of a very small word can make a very big difference in how we tackle challenges.

“I can’t play the piano”, versus, “I can’t play the piano, yet.”

“I can’t ride my bike without stabilisers”, versus, “I can’t ride my bike without stabilisers, yet.”

“I can’t read this book”, versus, “I can’t read this book, yet.”

The children agreed that by using the word ‘yet’, it changed the way they felt about things; nothing seems quite as difficult and definitely not impossible!

Magical Maths and Sensational Science

Published on: Monday, March 18, 2019

Pre-Prep fully embraced all things maths and science last week as we celebrated a week dedicated to these amazing subjects.

During the week the children took part in a host of activities and experiments to develop curiosity, observation, questioning and, above all, provide moments of awe, surprise and wonder.

The week culminated in a big celebration which saw the children come to school dressed in a mathematical/scientific inspired outfit and bring their parents along to join in the fun.

Parents were also treated to a special assembly where we celebrated maths and science through music and song and revealed the class who had won the hotly contested competition of ‘how many jellybeans in the jar’!

What a wonderful way to inspire young minds.

The Magic of Mistakes

Published on: Monday, March 4, 2019

In our assemblies we are continuing to learn about our amazing brains and this week learned about the benefits of making mistakes. We agreed that we all make mistakes every day but that some can be bigger and more upsetting than others. Sometimes we make mistakes when we are not concentrating such as putting our shoes on the wrong feet or our jumpers on back to front. Sometimes we make mistakes when we get into a muddle such as confusing b/d or writing our numbers the wrong way round.Sometimes we make mistakes that cause us to feel embarrassed, especially when those mistakes are made in front of a watchful audience.

We read a story called, ‘The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes’ by Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein, in which the overriding message was that we should learn from our mistakes, let go, laugh and enjoy the ride! Fear of making mistakes can be overwhelming for some people and stop them from trying new things. We agreed the girl in the story seemed much happier when she did start making mistakes as she found out that life was much more fun!

I shared with the children two of my favourite sayings, one from Einstein, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” and one I once saw on a poster, ‘I have learned so much from my mistakes, I’m thinking of making a few more!’

Hopefully the children will also embrace their mistakes and begin to understand them as a really important part of their learning.

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