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We have recently introduced a ‘Playtime Game of the Week’ in Pre-Prep which has been very well received by the children. Last week saw the introduction of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors Relay’ which proved really popular. It was so lovely to see children across the year groups joining in the fun together, supporting each other and giggling together.

Our children are lucky that they have a wonderful variety of equipment to enhance their playtimes and I am amazed on a daily basis at how innovative they are at incorporating it into their imaginary games. I often spend playtimes observing and wishing I could see the potential of a regular plastic hoop the way a child can; I can probably think of a handful of ways it could be used whereas the children’s ideas seem to be limitless.

Our children are also lucky to be joined twice a week by volunteers from Year 7 who give up their break times to support playtimes in Pre-Prep. I know this is something Year 7 look forward to every year, especially if they have come through Pre-Prep and recall the impact the Pelican Pals had on their play.

I sometimes wonder who enjoys playtimes more: the staff who are introducing some of their favourite playtime games; the Pelican Pals who enjoy the return to their infant days and enjoy using the equipment again or the children whose natural urge is to ‘play’ and in so doing are developing many areas of their learning in so many ways.

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