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Pitch and Patch Pop in to Pre-Prep!

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“I’m a dingle, dangle scarecrow, with a great big floppy hat. I can shake my hands like this, and I can shake my feet like that.”

Ahead of Harvest Festival, Reception received a special visit from Catering Manager, Mrs Colbourne, who popped by to introduce her scarecrow friends, Pitch and Patch.

Pitch and Patch are the new faces of King’s Hall this term, featuring on our food menus (as astutely observed by one of the pupils!), as well as appearing at a number of seasonal events. Their role in school is to encourage children to think about their food and where it comes from, and so, as part of her talk Mrs Colbourne spoke to the class about the origins of scarecrows, their purpose in our fields and gardens, and how they have embedded themselves in urban legends (did someone say Halloween?).

Linking scarecrows to farming and the cultivation of crops, the conversation naturally led to the topic of healthy eating, and the pupils were more than happy to participate! Mrs Knight encouraged them to name their favourite fruit and vegetables, with answers ranging from broccoli and tomatoes, to bananas and watermelon, but the one that proved most popular … carrots!

The talk was rounded off with an exciting colouring exercise which saw the children design their very own Pitch or Patch. The finished results will be displayed in the lunch queue next week.

Looking ahead, Mrs Colbourne is now keen to introduce her rosy-cheeked companions to the remaining Pre-Prep classes, as well as organising interactive workshops where the children can tour the school kitchens and learn more about the preparation of their food.

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