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As well as there being a great deal of discussion and news surrounding vaccines, vaccinations and variants this week, we also had a new possible return to school date tentatively pencilled in the diary.

I imagine your mind may have formed a similar block view of time as mine. I have been visualising that we have a fortnight until half term and then a fortnight after the break until Monday 8 March with then three weeks of this term left which may be here on site. It is very helpful to have some indication of the intentions, yet we have learned that it is important to be open-minded and flexible enough to realise that situations, and hence intentions, can alter pretty freely in response to the Covid scene. I think we have all agreed through lockdown experiences that school is better in school and so we do hope to be back on site as soon as we’re allowed.

One benefit of remote learning is that it is not geographically limited. A couple of our classes, one in Year 4 and the other in Year 7, will be having a live link up with King’s College, India. Year 4 are discussing ‘Looking After Ourselves’ and Year 7 will be considering land management under the title of ‘Waste Patch to Green Patch’.

In another virtual hook up with our overseas schools, on Wednesday I have a virtual meeting with the Head of King’s College, Doha, (KCD) to discuss various matters of mutual interest. KCD is now five years old and has over 600 children in it with the oldest now being in Year 8. Plans for the next site, which is just 10 minutes from the existing one, are now finalised with enabling works due to start in February and the school is scheduled to open in September 2022. It will be a spectacular, all new, purpose built site providing Prep and Senior school facilities for well over 1000 children from Year 3 to Year 13. The existing site is intended to accommodate Pre-Prep from Nursery to Year 2. As you can see, our Middle East interests are thriving. We continue to develop our profile and involvement in the region with further opportunities already in the pipeline.

Back here, as well as those two links with India in the diary, staff continue to engage with your children across a terrific range of activity. As you will have seen from the briefest glimpses in Prep assembly the children, in the main, remain a good source of energy. I hope to share a few more on Monday morning. Other diary entries to look forward to before half term include the Literature Festival and a Wellness Wednesday.

I remain very aware that parents’ efforts and support are a key component of this state of affairs and thank you most heartily, as ever. As part of our partnership and wish to understand how it is from the other end, we are in contact with some targeted families with children across the age ranges. Even if you’re not part of the fixed contacts, if you so wish do share any useful insights you feel would be constructive and helpful with Mr Watson. Naturally, any challenges can be different for different people at different levels and so, of course, we will probably not be able to solve every issue for everyone but any common themes we can address.

This has now become too long and so it is time to sign off and let you dive into the weekend.

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