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I thought I would reflect on what a fine bunch of people your children are. It is almost without fail a pleasure to spend time with them in almost all situations. Whether it be at breakfast, discussing the merits of various legal thresholds through childhood in Year 7 PSHE, practising handwriting or subtraction in Year 3, taking cricket nets on a Saturday morning, being amongst Year 5 as they prepare an election campaign set in 1066 and, most recently, with 8S as they seek to construct answers to questions such as: ‘Monarchs need to have an element of mystery to rule effectively’. How far is this true? or ‘In order to understand the past, one must escape the viewpoint of the present – and this is impossible’. How fair is this statement?

Also with Year 8, I have been offering some pointers about scholarship interviews and, here again, it is always a delight to unearth depths, passions and curios within their increasingly mature and sophisticated minds. I am certainly proud of them as they head out representing themselves and King’s Hall.

As discussed with the Year 6 children before the 11+ scholarship process, whilst there may well be varying degrees of momentary happiness and disappointment on hearing the outcomes, we don’t want anyone to celebrate too heartily or to carry any temporary sadness too weightily. We wish for all children to be stretched and challenged as they develop and for some the scholarship framework provides this. The scholarship process is not a destination but just one of a variety of experiences along the route to explore your full potential and foster resilience.

There will be more detail on all results once the 13+ process is fully complete but I can tell you that, at 11+, awards were made by King’s College to 14 King’s Hall children and 9 to children from other schools for academic, music, performing arts and sport. All Year 6 children who put themselves forward approached it with commitment, putting their best foot forward – and no one can ask for more. Now, we carry on along the route seeking further opportunities to test ourselves and grow.

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