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Online Musical Connections

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Music lessons are obviously taking a very different format to physical lessons.

Over the last few weeks, many (although, sadly, not all) pupils have been able to continue their instrumental lessons online and have enjoyed carrying their use of Teams across into a very different setting. We look forward to receiving many more videos of musical endeavours over the coming weeks.

Virtual ensembles have been getting under way, beginning with the Senior Strings and Senior Choir, and pieces for the Junior Strings, Brass Group. Hopefully the full Orchestra will be made available to those pupils soon.

Our Year 3 children have had famous orchestra pieces to listen to including The Flight of the Bumblebee and The Ride of the Valkyries, and in Year 4, the children have been listening to well-known opera overtures and deciding which one they like best. They have also been really good at sending in videos of themselves playing pieces.

Year 5s have had some body percussion to try, and also an introduction to the fantastic resource of the Naxos Music Box, while Year 6s have enjoyed creating drumbit rhythms and doing quizzes – both on the Naxos Music Box and using the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s website.

Our older children, in Year 7, have had some famous songs to analyse and have also enjoyed using the drumbit website. One keen pupil has even sent in terrific videos from their Drum Pad Machine phone app! And Year 8s have continued the theme of last term’s film music as well as trying many of the above activities including the ever-popular(!) drumbit!

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