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Summer is back again, so why not make the most of it? However, it was one of those weekends where things just didn’t go our way! The children wanted to go to Hestercombe for a picnic by the ponds, followed by a long walk followed and ice-cream. Upon arrival, armed with food, drinks and Snoops, we were told that no picnicking was allowed. Never to be defeated, we decided to eat our picnic before going in. We then queued, only to find out that our membership had recently expired. Persevering, I said "let’s go to the pirate park instead!". This was well received and we ended up having a wonderful afternoon soaking up the remainder of the summer sunshine.

However, we were just about to get into the mini bus when someone asked: "What about the ice-cream?!”. There was no way I was going to get away with breaking a promise of ice-cream, so off we went again to the nearby Rumwell Farm Shop. The shop assistant was so impressed as every child said "please" and "thank you", with one even calling him "Sir." We arrived back ready for some quiet time, but alas there was no such hope! The excitable children pointed out that it was the last weekend that our outdoor pool would be open, so of course we rounded off the day with a refreshing swim.

“Boarding is the best” was what I heard as the children ran up the stairs to bed. Well that just made my day ...

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Friday 1 October 2021

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