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The return after the break has gone pretty smoothly and already Year 6 have been away for three days on Exmoor, many Year 5s have spent a happy night boarding, this evening Year 3 are on the water and ‘camping’ in school overnight whilst the majority of Year 8 children have completed their CE exams this week. Next week is Arts Week here whilst Year 8 will be enjoying a smorgasbord of activities around Dartmoor and the coast based out of Okehampton on a well-deserved final trip away as a group.

Sadly, I have not had quite so much time out and about having been in various meetings including governors, staff, flexi-planning for the rest of this term and further considerations about September. I did manage a couple of evening meanders around some of the hedgerows about school with Meg. Standard operating procedure involves Meg dashing in to a bush/copse and a couple of bunnies popping out who quietly, calmly and efficiently sidle off to somewhere else. Meg then re-appears panting, looking dishevelled and excited with a look that says ‘Where did they go?’ on her face. The bunnies are far too sophisticated for her blunt MO.

The general sense of the annual cycle being delayed by covid remains and we are still seeing a good number of prospective pupils even at this stage of term. The children love having these additions to classes, events and play times and are excellent company taking great pride in both looking after the visitors and in showcasing their school.

We have quite a few spending a day with us during Arts Week and we’re all looking forward to the circus coming to town in a loose form: some might say it’s a bit of a circus from time to time anyhow!

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