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Last night was definitely a busy one! Whilst 80 boarders were tucking into a wonderful Chinese buffet served from under a ‘pagoda’, over 90 parents and friends were benefiting from the repartee of the Chief Pelican as well as the intellectual challenge (although some were stymied by popularist material!) of the annual Friends of King’s Hall Quiz. It was, of course, Valentine’s night and some chuckled at the possible connection between the date and the fact there was a record turnout for the quiz! It was another great iteration of the event with plenty of merriment and we all left a little wiser to boot. By the way, if you want to learn about the migratory patterns of cuckoos then I urge you to find ten minutes for enlightenment from the Chief Pelican. Many thanks to the caterers for their contribution to delivering two quite different events so well and with good cheer.

At the other end of the week we enjoyed the Lent Concert and there is a link in the Newsletter to a full report on the programme and performers. Suffice to say, keeping with a food theme, it was akin to a splendid tapas evening as a wide range of ages, genres, styles and instruments were set before us providing bitesize entertainment offering something for everyone.

The musical interludes – Claire and I also attended an excellent concert on Tuesday evening at the College where the Bristol Brass Consort combined beautifully with the College choir – as well as the carefree nature of the quiz evening, have been three welcome chances to simply appreciate what is in front of you.

In the week, I also found a little time to dive into a session with some children in Reception. They were moving from 2D shapes to begin gaining an understanding of 3D solids, their names and properties. It’s always a genuine joy and life-affirming release to sit on the carpet and listen to the thought processes of such uncomplicated developing minds – the sitting on the carpet bit is not always joyful, actually!

The two Reception classrooms are the next area for a serious make-over. The rooms are to be gutted and fully refurbished and then refurnished with new equipment. There are operational work-arounds in place for the second half of term but come the Summer term there will be a shiny and exciting new environment for those delighting in their first year at ‘proper school’.

Half term is here and there are five Newsletters which evidence how much has happened – and we only put a sample in each week! Time for a recharge and then back to build on the exertions to date. I hope parents are able to relax at some point, too!

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