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Since I last wrote I have had the pleasure of meeting many prospective children looking to join Year 7 in September – what a great crew! Our current fantastic Year 6 are a delightful, purposeful and talented troop themselves and I can envisage an even more dynamic year group combining ahead. It was the 11+ Scholarship weekend and what a treat we all had. Those who came into contact with King’s Hall children for the first time were impressed with their inclusivity and upbeat approach and, regardless of outcome, they will have benefited hugely from the experience as we all move forward.

Talking of moving forward, this week has included the annual gathering of the School Council as we seek to ensure prudent and positive strategic decisions are made in uncertain times with various political and financial developments all bearing the potential to become future challenges. The Council meet regularly each term, both in subcommittees and as a full board, to provide oversight of matters in our two schools, but an annual, more macro view over a longer term is certainly judicious. It is always affirming to have the experience, knowledge and collective wisdom of the very supportive, empathetic yet pragmatic collective that are our Governors. This meeting was, once again, held at the beautiful Trevose Golf and Country Club and, although it was particularly windswept this time, there was still no denying the stunning outlook which can make it easy to become an absent-minded daydreamer gazing out of the window….

This first Long Weekend provides a little breather about a quarter of the way through the term and I hope you all enjoy a relaxing couple of days.

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