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Learning Support Open Doors to Quiet Room

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We all know that school can be daunting at times, especially for our younger children. This is why here at King’s Hall we aim to make the atmosphere as relaxing and as friendly as possible.

As part of our continued efforts to achieve this, we recently opened the doors to our newly renovated Quiet Room. Situated in the heart of the Learning Strategies (LS) department, the new facility is open to pupils from across the school, with a particular emphasis on those who currently have a learning disability and/or difficulty.

The Quiet Room is the brainchild of our Head of Learning Strategies, Antonia Cheeseman, who was keen to provide the children with a dedicated space in which they could relax and recharge during stressful periods. The room itself is beautifully decorated with a sea-themed wall tapestry, kindly created by our Year 7s, comfy beanbags, and handmade patchwork cushions. There are also plenty of resources available, including a number of popular board games, activity books, and colouring pencils.

The main aim of our LS department is to help pupils gain confidence in their learning by providing appropriate intervention, useful coping strategies, and advice on how to boost self-esteem. We believe allowing the children a place in which they can take a mental or physical break will have a positive effect on how they respond to situations inside and outside the classroom.

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