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This is the last written HEADlines of the year – next week’s Newsletter will be more of a pictorial reflection of our final week: not only that but I think you’re going to have seen, heard and read enough from me in the days ahead!

We have been so excited to see more of the children on site and the visit of Year 3 this afternoon didn’t disappoint. Fr Mark made mention in Chapel yesterday of how he has missed the children as without them, without the physical interactions between us, without the visceral stimulation that comes from sparking off each other we are simply not the same. We are lesser ourselves for want of input from others.

Often in my HEADlines through the year, I will reference or draw upon an encounter with the children during the week and not having them around has left a bit of a vacuum in my source of inspiration for these weekly ponderings. It will be so lovely to have even more of the hubbub and energy generated by their youthful exuberance here next week.

As well as these visits (with Year 2, too), thanks to the creativity and hard work of the children and the staff we also have some really entertaining and important events coming up to delight in and you should have had further information about these: it seems we’re all set for a good week to draw things to close.

Have a good weekend in readiness.

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Friday 1 October 2021

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