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If perhaps, like Pavlov’s dogs, you are in a term time Friday afternoon routine where you are anticipating an email with HEADlines – here you go. This one is just a quick welcome back from HEADlines after the holidays, no newsletter until next week as there isn’t really enough for a full edition, and there will be a more information-heavy letter from me to follow soon.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and there have been many signs of that after the Easter break.

Monday and Tuesday saw the staff gather for their regular INSET training whilst making final preparations for the term ahead and the happiness of re-uniting with friends and colleagues was clear. On the first evening of term I met some bouncing boarders who were excited to catch up with each other again and one new starter with a huge smile on his face eager to explore every nook and cranny. On the first morning of term I came across giggling girls equally pleased to re-acquaint themselves as they tripped around the Rose Garden playing tag and, later that morning, lots of chatter at break as the children all shared tales of the holidays.

It is, of course, lovely - and important - to find some calm and peace in our own ‘isolation’ but there is also a great energy and camaraderie that comes from larger groups. In looking to combine aspects of these two states I encouraged the children on Wednesday morning to take personal responsibility for themselves and to not only be masters of their own destiny but also be their best selves to contribute most effectively to the collective good.

One of the days before term included a Crisis Management exercise for some of us and certainly the need to work for the collective good was most apparent as the situation evolved and became more complex. You’ll be pleased to hear it was only a drill and that that all is in order - the kitchens have not exploded!

So, we are back together as a community to work together on a purposeful and productive pathway through what has started (at least for a few days!) as a blissfully sunny Summer Term. Here’s to many more down the line.

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