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We’re going to try and keep as many things as routine as possible and our Newsletters fall into that category.

You will see that we have altered it slightly but it still contains a good range of material to give an insight to what is happening out of our eyesight. We are so grateful to parents, guardians and whoever else is supporting the children to access their learning and I know that much of what is happening would not be possible without your input.

We are, consequently, overlapping in each other’s arenas and one parent was having to protect their interests recently as a child was tasked with rooting through the recycling to gather material for a science discussion. The child duly went around gathering items and was seen in a live Teams lessons with their stash on show. After a little while an adult hand appeared from stage left of the screen, took away the champagne bottle that was there and could be heard off-screen saying ‘That’s a full one!’.

In the vast majority of cases, the children remain their usual upbeat, enthusiastic, willing and energetic selves which is such a tonic (not quite time yet!) and a reminder of the carefree fun that children add to the world. I know that one of the collective comments from the staff, in virtually every case, is how wonderfully polite, helpful and responsive the children are. I know from experience that this is not always the case with every child, every time within our own families but as pupils of King’s Hall they are certainly putting their best feet forward in engaging to the best of their ability with their remote learning.

Bravo to everyone, have a good weekend and bon courage for next week’s endeavours – where we end on Thursday with some simple, optional VE Day offerings – more to follow early next week.

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