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So here we are – at the end of arguably the shortest and longest term ever!

Shortest because we have only been back on site for three weeks and we all know how wonderfully energising that has been. Longest because there were some dark and wet days and weeks in late January, early February where motivation was harder at the best of times and at worst it could feel like wading through a never-ending lake of treacle.

You can always rely on time and so inevitably this date in the diary has duly arrived and this is duly the last HEADlines of this term. There will be a letter from me early next week with some news, notices and updates.

Our Newsletter captures some of what has been going on each week and yesterday was a truly fabulous day, Mr Watson’s conception of Pyrland Day was brought to life by everyone to spectacular effect and the weather was kind. In case you don’t know, the main building has always been Pyrland Hall, like Goldney Hall or Dartington Hall, and we have some current parents who know very well as former pupils from that time that the school was called Pyrland Hall until 1987.

In other news this week we have had the last of this year’s Scholarship results in. It is worth remembering that all of those entered as candidates, both 11+ and 13+, have already done very well to be involved in the process. Being prepared to take the risk, to step forward and be judged, is such a strong position to take and those who did not ultimately gain awards should feel just as proud of themselves and their own performance as those who did. It is good to be ambitious and to aim high: it is also an important, if difficult, truism to discover that even if we try hard and perform well we don’t always find the outcome is the one for which we hoped. In the words of a Miley Cyrus song, ‘It’s The Climb’. The results are listed in the Newsletter. As a statistical aside, Year 8 have gained the highest amount of awards in the last decade. This terrific haul reflects the breadth and depth of talent and skills amongst the children as well as in the teachers who have nurtured them through ceaseless opportunities over the years – congratulations to all.

So HEADlines takes a break for a while and will return with the excitement of brighter days and more outdoor activities as the summer unfolds and everything is crossed that the covid mist continues to lift allowing for ever wider access to events.

Happy Easter for next weekend.

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