It's Half Term...finally! | King's Hall School Taunton

The briefest of remarks from me today, partly due to the fact that I have been a tad waylaid by paperwork and the complexity of what any possible return to the school site for some might look like, but also because there is another full version of the Newsletter to read that far better articulates the vibrancy of school life over the last week than my text.

What I will say is a huge well done to the children for getting this far (remembering it is only half way). They are the reason we do it all and their thirst, enthusiasm and engagement has kept us all buoyed up. A massive thank you to the staff for their considerable commitment and collective courage to step into the unknown so positively to make this the best it can be for the children and, finally, my great gratitude to parents physically at home with the children: it simply couldn’t happen without you. I have often heard, when we have been at school as normal, a parent say how lucky the children are and how much they would like to be at King’s Hall doing all the things the children can: well this situation has certainly provided many of you the opportunity to not only have a go at what your children are doing but, joyfully, given you a chance to do it WITH your children and I know many have found that quite special.

So, half term it is, and really important to have a good rest and recoup – as I said, this is only half way. We will build on the first half when we recommence and be prepared to adjust as a community to whatever the next development of this ever-evolving situation brings our way.

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