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It's Crumble, Not Pi for our Pupils

What a spooky start to the day! These are the results of yesterday's pumpkin carving competition which looked much… - 11 hours ago

As we enter the season of mince pies, our pupils seem to prefer crumbles ...

This term Years 5 to 8 have been using physical computing to explore the concept of selection in programming through the use of the Crumble programming environment. 

The children have been introduced to a microcontroller (Crumble controller) and are learning, through trial and error, how to connect and program components (including output devices, LEDs and motors) through the application of their existing programming knowledge.

The Crumble can help develop skills learned in computing and gives plenty of opportunities to apply knowledge from maths and science. It really helps build perseverance and independent thinking. Being able to use academic knowledge in the real world can really excite and motivate pupils!

An important part of programming is testing your program and 'debugging'. If they find something is not working, the children are encouraged to look back through their programming and work out why it is not working. Using logical thinking, teamwork and collaboration to explore a problem and find the solution are all necessary real-life skills these children are developing in a fun and encouraging environment.

Commenting, our Head of ICT, and Year 5 Form Tutor, Mrs Thomas, said: "My Year 8 class have been incredibly enthusiastic, and have taken to it really well. The sense of delight and accomplishment when they make the lights flash in the correct order is evident in their smiling faces! But, sometimes it's a challenge to get the sequence right and I often say to all the children, 'IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED, TRY, TRY AGAIN. Don't give up too easily; persistence pays off in the end!'"

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