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As part of my routine visits to classes, I went to see what Year 6 were getting up to in their art and before I knew it I was placed on a stool, given a blank piece of paper, a pencil and found myself sketching a still life collection of hand tools. The general aspect of how they were lying wasn’t too bad as I laid down a few light lines and then adding the edges to the hammer was okay as was deciding where to start and finish the paintbrush that was lying over it. I sketched out the marker pen but it became trickier when forming the ellipses needed on the ends of several items. Also, how to convey the 3D nature of rounded handles was worrying me and I didn’t make a great job of the pinched section near the top of the brush.

I only had a few minutes but found that the jaws of the secateurs drew most of my attention and I was certainly sorry not to have been able to stick with it as I hadn’t even started on the head of the hammer, the bristles on the brush or adding to the scissors.

Having headed up to the art room thinking about the myriad of things I needed to be doing and expecting to ask a few children what they were up to, it was, on reflection, wonderful to be called into action. It was not only good fun, gave an unexpected insight into what we ask the children to do and how they must feel but it also forced me to think about nothing other than the shape and form of the objects in front of me thus having something of a therapeutic effect.

The children are going to add bright, clashing colours to theirs after the work of Michael Craig-Martin – click here to see some of his work - and I look forward to seeing their final pieces

Around both the Royal Wedding and the FoKHS Tennis Tournaments coming up I hope you can relax a little over the weekend and if you find it difficult, just throw some tools on the table and start drawing them.

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