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The below image encapsulates perfectly my feelings towards Maths as a child. I simply did not understand many of the methods I was taught which did not suit my questioning mind.I vividly recall asking one of my maths teachers why we had to complete a particular sum in the way it had been taught and was told, “Because that is how you do it!” I did not argue as doing it in the way I had been shown resulted in lots of lovely ticks in my exercise book but I knew, even then, that I had very little real understanding. I also have a twin brother whose brain is mathematically wired to ‘genius’ which didn’t help!

Fast forward thirty years and it is now one of my favourite subjects to teach! I think this is partly because I do not want any child to feel the way I did about the subject growing up but also because, through teaching, I have a much deeper understanding of the number system which has boosted my confidence. I have also realised maths really can be fun and appreciate how our lives are dominated by all things mathematical.*

This week we are celebrating maths in Pre-Prep with our annual Maths Week where our goal is to help the children understand how maths is all around them and make sure they have lots of fun taking part in mathematical games, activities and challenges. We will: host a Maths Olympics event, invite children to bring in the longest carrot and/or a heaviest potato in a bid to win a competition, hold a dressing-up day, take part in Forest School maths, perform some mathematical songs in a special assembly and invite our grown-ups in to play lots of mathematical games with us.

Hopefully we will all be suitably mathematically exhausted by the end of the week with brains that hurt from thinking so much but with smiles on our faces due to having had such an enjoyable week!

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