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Ten days in and things are really humming – with the VERY frustrating exception that the one rainy day we have had coincided with the first school fixtures!! 16 teams worth of girls and boys coming to school last Wednesday morning towing kit bags through puddles was a sorry sight: oh the irony after months of not being able to play matches due to Covid!

So there is plenty to capture for the Newsletter and I have really enjoyed getting out and about myself and having all senses reminded of what it is like to have children in the school at this time of year. Whilst being accessible too much via online technology can be a negative if the time is not managed, one huge benefit of mobile technology is the freedom to attend to some of the necessary paperwork that is simply part of life without having to be sitting at one desk in one room. So, where possible, I have been out with athletes, watching script readings outdoors, spotting trajectories being fired off in science lessons, collecting eggs in Little Wood and also doing my bit to keep the digital admin wheels turning.

Hobbies are in play now and have started smoothly with one big fringe benefit being that it makes pick up much calmer. The range of activity and wide involvement is yet another return to usual practice that brings a smile to the face. I wouldn’t say that gardening is top of my hobby list but I do like the results of some green-fingered efforts and so I will no doubt be spending some time tending to the foliage that is appearing in the veggie patch. Probably not on Monday, though, as it is projected to be the wettest and windiest of the weekend

Speaking of the weekend, a reminder that Monday is a Bank Holiday and the children are not due in school. I can’t resist sharing that this will be the second in a row for one child who mistakenly thought the Bank Holiday was earlier this week! Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it.

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