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I love the summer term not only because of the promise of warmer weather but also because we get to see all we have accomplished at the end of the academic year. As all parents will know, we often don’t appreciate how much our children are growing as we grow along with them; it is only when we take a moment to press ‘pause’ and step back we realise just how much they have achieved. This is the same for teachers.We start the academic year in September with a new class who we need to get to know before we can start guiding their journeys in the right direction. Fortunately, with such small class sizes, it’s not long before relationships become natural and familiar and the journeys are underway, moving at speed and before we know it another year has passed by. It is then we reflect over the year and marvel at just how much the children have changed both physically and emotionally as well as in their academic abilities. I have never failed to feel hugely rewarded by every child’s journey and rather proud of having played a small part in their development.

On the flip side, summer term is also tinged with some sadness as we enjoy the company of our Year 2 children for their final weeks in Pre-Prep. This particular year group are especially fondly thought of as among them are those who were the first members of Nursery 1 which opened in February 2014. They have therefore been a part of our family for over 4 years, during which time we have developed strong relationships, not only with them but with their families too and have been privileged to have watched them grow from tiny 2 year olds to super 7 year olds. I know we will all make the very most of their company over the coming weeks and enjoy all the exciting things this term has in store. The sun shining will just be an added bonus!

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