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It’s that time of year when we see a lot of new faces coming to spend time at King’s Hall in preparation for joining us in September. They arrive in the Pemberton Room eager to explore, yet naturally a little anxious. However, when I come across them later on they are invariably mucking in with their peers whether it be discussing a topic in class, conducting experiments in the labs, committing to games sessions or enjoying each other’s time and activities in the breaks. Experience, then, indicates that we are a welcoming community and I know additions such as these are taken as grist to the mill rather than an imposition on existing regimes.

For Year 8 in particular, this is also a time of reflection and wishing to capture images, memories, happenings and emotions of their time at King’s Hall knowing that time and tide wait for no one: their world is going to be different after this term.

Enough of thinking about the future! There is an enormous heap of happy happenings all around us at present and I imagine your children are reaching the end of each day more than ready for their heads to hit the pillow overnight. Next week is Arts Week so the pace doesn’t slacken by day as their ingenious, creative and imaginative minds will be piqued by various visitors, workshops and events. There is also artistic input tomorrow morning, in fact, as the boarders have a drama workshop delivered by two College students to look forward to.

Whatever dramas come your way this weekend I hope they are happy ones, too.

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