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Henry Creates Epic Dictionary for Favourite Fantasy Author

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Top fantasy author, Ian Livingstone, received a special surprise from one of our pupils earlier this week. Inspired by his favourite book series, Fighting Fantasy, Year 3 pupil Henry D set out to create a dictionary that paid homage to some of Livingston’s most memorable monsters.

The idea came to Henry whilst out on a walk with his parents:

“Henry was running through the skill and stamina stats of all the creatures that he had battled against during his Fighting Fantasy book adventures” said mum. “We were asking lots of questions because we hadn’t heard of these creatures before. So, he decided to make a useful reference book that we could look through instead.”

As a result of his hard work and hours of sketching, Henry’s dictionary now contains over 190 mythical beasts, from the legendary Manticore and Colossus, to the Wild Hill Man and Hobgoblin. Alongside his drawings, he has also included a description of each creature and their skill and stamina points – some might even go as far to say that he has created an epic game of Top Trumps.

When asked what his favourite monster was, Henry said: “The Port of Peril’s Zanbar Bone, a green-eyed skeleton who wears a golden crown and black armour. To defeat him during an adventure, you have to collect hag’s hair, a lotus flower and a silver arrow, as well as get a tattoo of a white unicorn in a yellow sun printed on your forehead.”

Thoroughly impressed by the project, Henry’s mum decided to tweet Livingstone a video of the dictionary, to which he responded: “Brilliant drawings Henry. Good luck on your next adventure!” Check it out here.

Henry was over the moon to receive such a response, and with four more Fighting Fantasy novels on his birthday wish list, we have no doubt that his dictionary will soon be complete.

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