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My dear friends,

I can’t believe it’s the end of the term and the end of another academic year; my third in fact.I might be little more than a pup but being an intelligent one, I was invited to join the school community at only two months old.I think that might be a record you know.

Anyway, this might have been the last week of term but it was the best.From Mrs Master’s flat I have a very good view of the front field and I’ve been keeping my eye out for the daily arrival of different year groups.Let me tell you that when I heard your cars arriving I yelped with delight and with just a few woofs and a scratch at the door and I was taken downstairs in an instant; I’ve got my hoomans very well trained. Thank you for all the pats and cuddles, I think you all enjoyed seeing me as much as I did you. Your picnics were awesome and I particularly enjoyed helping with the clearing up afterwards.

And now, all has gone quiet again here at school, it’s just Mr Chippendale and Mr Watson in their offices and Mrs Masters is loading things into her car. I’m not sure where she’s going but she’s got lots of bags, a portable BBQ, a cricket set and oh, what’s that she’s carrying? It’s my car cage. Yippee, that means we are probably going to Cornwall this weekend.I have seen quite a few of you there over the last few years so if you are heading that way just look out for me in the surf. You are very lucky to have such a cool, trendy dude of a hound as your very own King’s Hall doggo!

Have a great summer, all.I’m missing you already but looking forward to your return in September.

Take Care

Snoops x

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