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I do hope that you are all finding little ways to break up the day and the week; making sure to keep as much of a glass hall full view as possible with all going on around us – not always easy I know. There is no doubt that whilst Remote Learning 2.0 is an upgrade in terms of everyone’s skills, experience and technical understanding, it is true to say that there is a little bit more of Groundhog Day about the actual experience this time around. No doubt winter has a large part to play: viruses thrive in the winter months and the human spirit is usually somewhat suppressed for all sorts of reasons including the weather, day length, post-Christmas blues etc.

Furthermore, ordinarily, a Lent Term is something of the engine room within the learning year. Quite naturally, due to seasonal opportunities, there is less going on in terms of trips, the children are well settled in their groups and most end of year exams lie ahead in the Summer. Therefore, this is a time to put in some good, honest, uninterrupted teaching to consolidate and reinforce the unglamorous but crucial foundations for future growth. It’s rather like a winter training programme for a Summer performance athlete. When we see them on the track for a split second, we should remember that many unseen miles have been run, often in the dark, cold and wet with no crowd to cheer them on.

To finish on a lighter note, I don’t want to sound like Eeyore, but I thought I’d acknowledge that it isn’t always lashings of ginger beer (cross-pollinating my children’s fiction). All the more reason to celebrate the terrific communal sense of support, enthusiasm and energy that comes from the children, the staff and your families. I put on Twitter a day or so ago my favourite glass-half-full Winnie the Pooh quote should you want to click and read it.

Talking of books and quotes, one thing to look forward to is Mrs Stuckes’ invitation to an online Literature Festival in a couple of weeks’ time that you should have received some information about. She has also put some book suggestions in the Newsletter: one of the positives of this time of year is curling up in a cosy spot and transporting yourself – why not try some of the suggestions this weekend?

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