Happy New Year! | King's Hall School Taunton

Where did 2017 go? Pre-Prep staff are in full agreement that last year seemed to whizz by and we have now arrived in 2018 not quite knowing how we got here! Perhaps it’s a sign of getting older (speaking only for myself of course and not on behalf of the rest of the staff!) but it does seem the years are flying by with an ever increasing speed. I am sure this is largely due to living in the world of education when one is always planning and preparing for the next half term whilst also juggling what is going on in the current one.

This means one lives one life in a series of half term ‘blocks’ punctuated by half-term/term breaks. I am certainly not complaining but it can result in one being caught in a permanent state of living for the next moment rather than appreciating the one you are in. Therefore my resolution this year is to be a little mindful of the present and enjoy a few more ‘moments’ with the hope 2018 does not disappear quite so quickly!

I do hope whatever resolution you have (or haven’t) made for yourselves 2018 brings you all good health, happiness and many happy moments!

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