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So, we arrive at half term (incredibly) and it will be good to have a period of respite before diving into one of the more traditional periods of the year: Autumn, Harvest, Guy Fawkes, Remembrance, and Advent, all leading up to the inevitable excitement over a word I cannot bring myself to write until after half term! There is a great warmth that comes from indulging in these familiar rituals as if old friends.

They are yet to come, however, and as we look back at the week just passed a couple of episodes come to mind. I will start with today and the brilliant opening of our new Cookery School.A wonderful morning was delivered thanks to the planning and creativity of Mrs Cole and some helpers. There will be a few pictures in the Newsletter but more to come in time. Hope Pointing, a former pupil of Mrs Cole’s and Masterchef contestant whilst at University, has become a professional chef in the year since graduating, and she was a perfect role model to the children in many ways: not least through her uncomplicated but powerful exuberance and enthusiasm. The development is an excellent addition to the school, it’s genesis the result of a very generous donation from a past parent, and it will give the children a valuable understanding of an important life skill as well as create opportunities for huge amounts of fun and enjoyment.

Also this week we enjoyed the first concert of the year and we were offered a charming collection of performances from across the age range. A real smorgasbord programme included a piece entitled Playable Pi to 77 Decimal Places. Eddie Carew-Jones had created a piece using a package called GarageBand. He decided to assign a note to each of the digits 0-9 and then laid them out as per the decimal places of Pi (which, as you know, is 3.141592653589… etc). By assigning minims, crotchets, semiquavers and the like, adding some percussion and cleverly underlaying the same tune but as a bass line played at a quarter speed, he created something that had us all nodding our heads in admiration and intrigue over his imagination and compositional ingenuity.

I hope you all enjoy some happy times together over the next fortnight and we will pick up the reins in November to wrap ourselves in all things seasonal for the second half.

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