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I started my day in the Arts Centre where the orchestra were gathering for their weekly rehearsal. It has been so good to have these group activities running and Mr DJ has been brilliant all through the pandemic at maximising the chances to keep group music making going within the guidance. Also, it is terrific to see children taking up the learning of orchestral instruments – it is not something we should take for granted so I encourage you to suggest to and support your child in learning an instrument. The rewards are great and not all overtly apparent: Mr DJ is always delighted to explain the wider benefits if you wish to know more.

Wednesday saw three fortunes combine: the sun was out, girls and boys had cricket matches, spectators were allowed on site! We had a golden few hours when it all came together – and how lovely it was to feel the togetherness. One may not have chatted to every person but you could see other people and we were in the same space and we were sharing the same physical experience. More, please!

Some Year 8 pupils have been working on a mini-project to answer a question of their choice under the loose theme of ‘Planet Earth: Near and Far’ and I thought you might like to see some of the questions they have set themselves. They will be giving presentations to some staff at the end of next week. What are your thoughts on some of these?

How do cultures from different continents view the moon? How do spies and spy agencies operate around the world? How does aboriginal art influence Australian culture today? Why were skyscrapers built and do they have a future? How did Covid-19 affect the world? Why was the Great Wall of China built? Why is research in Antarctica so important? Significant feminists: which key feminists influenced the younger generation? What everyday items have been created by happy accidents and why is this important? How is the psychology of colours used by popular brands? Our disappearing world: what can we do to stop climate change? How and why do LEDC and MEDC countries farm differently? A study in psychology: why do people behave the way they do? How can we live with volcanoes? How has ancient sport influenced sport today? What are the cultural differences between Chinese and British food?

I’ll end with a bit from a conversation with a child whilst I was on lunch queue duty today. Me: “What are you doing at the weekend?”; child: “Ooo, it’s gonna be fun, for Mummy’s birthday Daddy’s got a hot tub for us – it’s not a whole one though.” Furrowed brow from me.

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