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What a blustery wet day – perfect for Cross Country! A huge well done to everyone who ran today. There’s no doubt that the brilliant introduction of our King's Loop has altered mindsets about running and it definitely showed today. No one pretends that for all, the physical effort of running is always a direct pleasure, but there is a real sense of running as a shared pleasure developing with recognition of its benefits.

You will see various references in this week’s Newsletter to wellbeing and mental health and the King's Loop certainly falls into this category. There is no doubt that simply by existing in the physical environment we have at King’s Hall, combined with the activities, open relationships and positive cultures we have here, everyone (adults as well as children) has a good baseline to start. No assumptions or resting on laurels, however, and you can never offer enough information or understanding on such an important topic. I must say, the children are usually very good at looking after each other when they see someone not feeling themselves.

In other news, plans for next term (I know, it only feels like yesterday we were singing Auld Lang Syne!) are currently being entered in draft diaries and there are the usual exciting events to look forward to: it makes one hanker after longer evenings and warmer days when staring out at the rain.

We mustn’t wish time away, however, and next week we have the Lent Concert and FoKHS Quiz to look forward to. The concert, our biggest one of the yearly cycle, comes at the end of what has been a spectacular couple of weeks for the music department. The eagerness of all who have headed to the Taunton Festival has been terrific to see and the joy they express on their return means ‘mission accomplished’. The fact that their level of performance (details in the Newsletter) has brought them reward is a bonus.

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to sign up for the Quiz early next week - don’t miss out on a fun evening: click here to sign up!

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