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Gosh – where to start? Arts Week (with an amazing two-man Circus Show to kick us off on Monday morning), the colourful Year 4 production in the Rose Garden, fab author Emma Carroll running workshops, Year 8 having a blast in Devon with gorgeous weather, the Under 11 boys becoming County Cricket Champions yesterday (the U12 boys and both the U13 girls and boys are also in their respective finals coming up), oodles of prospective children in for Taster Days and all week we have had even more children in to board for a couple of nights. And, of course, last week was Year 8 CE exams, Year 6 to Dulverton and Year 3 out on the river. Phew! This is how a summer term is meant to feel – study hard, including exams, and enjoy all the trappings of what’s on offer. (There’s no doubt however that under covid restrictions it is a good deal more demanding on the staff to find ways to make it all happen for the children and keep within guidelines!)

The opportunity to board is one of the great flexible options at King’s Hall and I think not having had it for the last year is one of the greatest casualties of the covid restrictions. It is a well-worn path for children to board increasingly more nights as they get older and it has been so wonderful to have been able to make it accessible again.

As you well know, I hope, whilst also drawing out your full academic potential, developing your sense of who you are, your independence and your ability to entwine your own character traits dove-tailed with those around you to maximum collective benefit is very much what we are about. Sustained time in the supportive, warm, encouraging and boarding environment full of collegiality that exists here is a terrific way to boost this aspect of growing up. It is (without covid!) always possible to take a look around and so, when we return in the autumn, if you have never been into the boarding areas and want to take a look – just ask.

Sadly, the Delta variant has come to cause disruption just as we are heading into some key end of year events. You should have seen my email of yesterday and, whilst the larger gatherings involving parents and visitors will have to be curtailed or even cancelled, we do believe that we will be able to ensure that the children are able to enjoy the vast majority of what they would normally.

Fingers crossed it all plays out as currently planned.

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