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To my dear friends,

Last week I confessed to a little mishap that landed me in a spot of bother. Well, it turned out to be ‘one of those weeks' (not just the one day) as there’s been another little incident. I thought it only fair to tell you all before you hear it on the grapevine.

You see, I was in Nursery with my littlest friends, watching them make crispy chocolate Easter nests and Mrs Masters said that for hygiene reasons I wasn’t allowed to help! I’m not quite sure what she was implying as my canine version of Old Spice hasn’t even worn off since my visit to the dog groomer last week, but I tried not to take offence. I was about to point out that I had to endure over two hours with the dog groomer to achieve human-grade levels of hygiene, aromas and fluffiness but I know how to pick my battles so I retreated to my basket. I decided to pretend to be a ‘Bake-off’ judge as the mouth-watering masterpieces were created before my eyes. I have to say that for their size, the little guys made excellent chefs and the presentation of their nests in their Easter garden display was spectacular.

Like all good judges I decided that I ought to sample one of their creations, but oh dear, what a bad decision that was. I can only describe the next few moments as pandemonium. There were shrieks, squeals and shouts that can only be described as general uproar.

So yes, I was in the ‘dog house’, as you humans would say. And yes, I did have a tummy-ache after eating chocolate. I don’t want to dwell on the matter but let’s just say that I had my first detention and I felt very ashamed. I was almost grounded on Pyrland Day but luckily the final decision went in my favour and I was able to join my friends for a day of fun activities. And what a day that turned out to be! In the absence of this year’s House Music Competition, this in my opinion, was an equally spectacular way to round off the term!

Happy Holidays folks. I hope the Easter Bunny hops through your gardens leaving behind that magical trail.

See you soon.

Your Snoops x

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