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In assembly this week we thought about St David ahead of officially commemorating him on St David’s Day on Thursday 1 March. We learned that although not much is known about him, and that which is known is likely legend, we can all be inspired by the words he often said and some of the last he spoke in public, ‘Do the little things in life’. We decided this means that it is important to show love and care in small, everyday ways. We compared this to a penny; one on its own can’t buy you very much but lots of them altogether can make one feel quite rich. We thought about how St David wants us to be rich too, not in pennies but in love, gentleness and kindness. We may think that each time we do something that’s kind or helpful, it’s too small to be important or make a difference. But our small, loving, kind words or actions (like a smile or a hug) can grow and build into something bigger.

Our Values characters, ‘Tolerant Turtle’ and ‘Respect Rhino’ also helped us learn that although many of us are not Welsh and so perhaps won’t celebrate St David on Thursday with as much panache as those who are will, it’s important to celebrate our history whoever we are and wherever we come from.

So, to all of the Welsh members of our Pre-Prep family especially I wish you a very Happy St. David’s Day when it arrives on Thursday. (As the granddaughter of a very proud Welshman I shall wear my daffodil and try my very best to do ‘lots of little things’).

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