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Developing ICT Skills

Our Year 5 pupils are off for a fantastic all-round outdoor experience at Kilve Court near the Quantock Hills! We h… - 35 minutes ago

This term we have been exploring everything from databases and spreadsheets to graphics and 3D modelling.

Our Year 3 children have been creating branching databases and pictograms, learning about branching databases (sometimes called a binary tree) and how these are used to classify a group of objects.

Year 4 over the past few weeks have been using to explore how adjustments and effects can alter the look of pictures. Here you can see an example of a picture we downloaded, changing the effect using brightness and contrast to alter the mood of a picture. The children were challenged to create an image for the front cover of a children's book and the front cover of a ghost story using the same original picture.

In Year 5, we have been exploring vector drawing using publisher. The children are developing their knowledge and understanding; that a vector graphic is artwork made up of points, lines, and curves that are based on mathematical equations, rather than solid coloured square pixels. This means that no matter how large or small or how close you zoom in on the image, the lines, curves, and points remain smooth. Here are some examples of their creations 

Our Year 6 pupils have been exploring formulas in spreadsheets, calculating the cost of petrol to various attractions around the country. We have also calculated the cost of items on a shopping list. Very few had an idea about what a shopping list was!

Year 7 have been using Tinkercad to explore 3D modelling. Look at some of their 3D house designs. We are hoping that we can get some 3D printed key rings using the 3D printer at King’s College.

Finally, for our Year 8 children, we have been using inkscape which is slightly more advanced Vector drawing, learning how to manipulate shapes. They have also learned how to use Prezi to design presentation projects (to be delivered next week!).

Commenting, our Head of ICT, Ruth Thomas, said: "Computing is an important skill for the real world. At King’s Hall we endeavour to give our pupils a taste of skills they may find useful for career choices in the future. They really do enjoy these lessons - the ICT classroom has been buzzing with creativity and energy this term!"

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