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Yesterday we had a very exciting day out and I am going to tell you about what happened and the fun we had. In the morning, we had our usual English breakfast but as we were leaving early we had to finish really quickly. Mrs Masters then drove us to the Mendip Activity Centre, which was around an hour and a half away.

When we arrived we were split into two groups; one group would go tobogganing first, whilst the other would do archery. I was in the archery group to begin and we had lots of fun shooting at one another (don’t worry though, the tips were foam!), and firing at cans and giant 2L bottles. The bows were harder to use because these didn’t hold the arrows, which meant that the arrows kept falling out - this being really frustrating for me! Tobogganing consisted of sitting on a sort of seat without a back, and sliding down a hill. The problem was that you slide on a dry slope, meaning you had to wear gloves and long shirts and trousers. There are lots of rules, such as no locking chains or holding onto each other.

After each group finished their first activity, we had a delicious lunch of sausage and chips in the bar. We had hours of fun but we sadly said goodbye to the ski centre and were on our way back to school. After we got back, we just chilled until supper then everyone went back into their respected areas and went to sleep after a good, fun day. All in all, it was a great day for me and my friends, and a great thanks for Mr & Mrs Masters and Miss Stone for taking us.

Terrence Chen

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