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We all know it’s all about the children anyhow so here are a few observations on a few of them from this week.

Obviously we have had Open Day today and I write this full of that deep satisfaction and fulfilment that comes from the confirmation that ‘it’s all worth it’ when your children make you proud! Erudite, confident, humble and good company were the unsolicited comments from the families who had been given tours of the school. We were busy this morning (as will be the College tomorrow) and well done to everyone who played a part in making things run so smoothly.

We had prayers read in differing tongues at Chapel this week to celebrate International Languages. Both Maria and Miko have only been with us three weeks but stood in front of everyone and read beautifully in Spanish and Cantonese (…..oh, and today speaking in English they showed some strangers around their still new school – pretty neat).

Another girl, also a recent joiner, came to see me as she had been given an HMC (Headmaster’s Commendation) for her pitch as part of the election process to be a Pupil Council rep for her class. Let’s call her Mary Scott and, with her permission, I’ll share some excerpts with you: “I try really hard in all my work, I am trustworthy and kind to everyone, I’m funny and helpful and, as Albert Einstein once said, ‘Mary Scott is the best person alive today and always. Thank you, please vote for me and we will all have FUN!!” This is a great example that you can take important things seriously without always having to be serious.

Whilst looking for Mr DJ during break-time, I was beckoned into the Art Room by Mrs Aladin. She was sitting, unmoving and, as I went further into the room, I saw Toby sitting across the table from her drawing a pencil portrait of her. How great that both had given over time to a calmly creative moment. I wonder if Mrs A is content with the likeness, Toby?

No doubt those of you with Year 4 children will get plenty of anecdotes when they return from New Barn – alternatively you may find they are ready for bed as I hear a few made a fairly early start to their day this morning.

Whatever it brings – activities here, sports fixtures, quiet moments, yummy food: have a good weekend.

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Friday 1 October 2021

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