Creeping Closer to Christmas | King's Hall School Taunton

My week has included an evening in the boarding house and a quick look into tally charts in the Rose Garden.

I was a little late for my maths lesson this morning – sorry Year 4 – but Miss Biggs had it covered.Using a passage from Alice in Wonderland the children recorded the number of each vowel present.Before they started we asked which vowel we thought would appear most and, sure enough, ‘e’ was the most frequently used. It was quite tricky though and we didn’t all come out with same count. I must pop over to see their final bar charts next week as they were working very hard.

A couple of hours with the Junior Boys in the boarding house on Tuesday evening was a joyous frolic and the time flew by.Showers, putting dirty laundry out, tidying away clothes etc were all done without fuss and in good time because the boys wanted to play.They wanted to play Hide and Seek in the dark, mainly, but once the younger ones headed off to brush teeth and settle to a speaking book version of George’s Marvellous Medicine, I also managed to entice the Year 6 boys into several rounds of Hunt the Thimble!I have learned a fabulous new place to hide a metal thimble now – if you come round to play you’ll take ages to spot it!

Today is the final day of November meaning Advent season is upon us. We can mention Christmas and all the festivity that goes with it with impunity. The celebrations include our wonderful Carol Service which falls next Sunday and all Prep children are expected to attend. It is in the King’s College Chapel and I know the choirs and readers are fully into the preparations to make it such a fabulous occasion for us all.

Exams for some next week and I hope you all enjoy some rest over the weekend.

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