Countdown to the End of Lockdown ... | King's Hall School Taunton

Dear Friends,

So here we go, my last diary entry from lockdown and let’s hope it’s the last one ever from a lockdown.

It’s Friday and this is certainly a weekend to celebrate as I will be welcoming back the boarders on Sunday and seeing the rest of you on Monday.

I’ve been told that humans sometimes suffer from achy cheeks when they smile too much, well in much the same way, I suffer from an achy tail when it wags too much, and I know that’s going to be the case on Monday.

In preparation for your return I’m going to have a bubbly bath, a thorough groom and a teeth brush. (Yes, you heard right, a teeth brush) I want to be looking my best and I don’t like it when I give you my warmest hugs, cuddles and licks and you call me dog breath!

You all know how much I love a good old run around on the front field, and in particular, a fun game of football. In preparation for our return to outdoor fun I’ve been doing my warm up exercises. Just take a look at my photo, I’ll think you’ll agree that I’m in fine shape.

See you all soon, I’m on countdown.

Much love

Snoops X

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