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At today’s Coffee Morning there was a wonderful buzz of chatter with people acquainting themselves even more closely with those they have seen occasionally at pick up times. This ‘buzz’ mirrors my own view that, as we reach the first small pause in proceedings, those who joined us in September became part of the furniture in double quick time and we now all forge purposefully onwards together.

I hope you, as parents, feel that you have connected with your child’s tutor/class teacher and that communication is already simple and useful as we head deeper into the term. This communication is important as part of our desire to work in partnership with you, bringing our experience and objectivity to the mix in conjunction with the parental instinct to support your children.

Whilst reading the recent edition of Attain, the termly publication free to IAPS (Independent Association of Prep Schools) member schools, I came across a couple of articles which I thought I would share with you.

The first article talks about this natural parental desire to seek the best for your child and how that stacks up against being overbearing and can sometimes cloud our better judgement. The author also takes umbrage with what he feels is the careless stereotypical label ‘pushy parent’. The other is about the challenge of how much autonomy to give your child? One of my favourite phrases to parents when wrestling about whether to accede to a child’s wish when you are not comfortable with the outcome is “Who’s in charge?”.

These articles provide food for thought and can be found by clicking this link and heading to page 3 for the first article and pages 35 and 36 for the second – do take 10 minutes to click and have a browse.

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