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Just to take our minds off Coronavirus for an instant, this morning we had a bit of shepherding to do. A good number of sheep from the back drive had an idea that they might like to play some hockey but, thanks to a few quick responders like Roger and Martin, together with Mrs Lawford and Mr Hands who were arriving at that time, by the time Mr Watson and I arrived on the scene there were just a cheeky handful left looking like they wanted to stop hockey and move to try out the basket swing! A few gaps blocked by hurriedly parked cars, some helping parental hands (thank you) and a quick move of some fencing later, the situation was largely contained before the main flow of drop off traffic.

HEADlines is a weekly post of some random thoughts either related to the week, or not. You have received quite enough communiqués from the school about the global situation we find ourselves in so I will not mention it more here.

One highlight from this week was of, course, the play. Year 6 are rightly so proud of themselves following their Ghosthunters performances. I have a sense they felt they really smashed it yesterday! Congratulations to them all and all concerned with the production under the guidance of Mrs Keirle. One by-product of reduced staffing was that the lighting and sound crew had no adult supervision during the actual shows and the remarkable accuracy and quality of their work evidences once again that we underestimate to our loss what children can achieve when stretched. Humans are naturally lazy (forgive the generalisation) - seeking a shortcut is a sign of intelligence, they say - but when needs must, there are levels of skill, adaptability and resilience that come to the fore. Children are amazing…..

For now, its adieu from HEADlines and fortitude to us all.

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