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This week we have slid wondrously smoothly back into the ebb and flow of our daily routines – and blissfully free of coughing and spluttering. ‘Happy New Year’ is just about a phrase of the past as we look forward and set ourselves to work on all the events that lie ahead. January can be a less exhilarating time of the year but does allow us to get some sustained, undiluted hard yards under the belt in several disciplines, but most notably in class.

It is true that January can be a time when some feel not yet full of the joys of Spring ahead and, indeed, next Monday is the one that has become known as ‘Blue Monday’. Someone recently pointed me in the direction of a calendar from Action For Happiness which has some great daily suggestions whether you’re feeling somewhat glum or not! Do click here to have a look at it.

You will see that one of the recommendations is ‘Take a small step towards an important goal’ and, coincidentally, this is similar to my thoughts for the children during Monday’s assembly. New Year’s Resolutions are brilliant if you can make them stick and deliver on the promise. Equally, though, there are times that our best intentions fall on stony ground for a variety of reasons and one of them is that they become a burden or responsibility that is too great to bear due to the scale of the challenge. Starting out small and gently nurturing the idea can mean that after a little while you can see what the next step may be and then a tad further on the path ahead reveals itself once more until the route to completion becomes not only clearer but, importantly, with just a manageable distance to go.

A challenge and a glum-busting antidote not so far ahead is the Friends of King’s Hall Quiz night which I hope you’ll have in your diary by now and be gathering a team of 6 - only four weeks of swotting left! Click here or see the Newsletter to enter.

Have a good weekend.

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