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Year 6 returned today from their residential trip and all seems to have gone very well. As these trips come around, I always watch the children gather their luggage and excitedly congregate before heading off with some envy. A few carefree days away would be quite a treat! In fact, if I had stowed away with each of Year 4, 5 and 6 I could have spent many carefree days away. Maybe I should add joining all trips for a year to my bucket list?

Another carefree moment was our drinks gathering on Wednesday evening for parents new to the school this term. It was lovely to see so many there and on excellent form – and a pleasure simply to be gathering in that way once again.

One father was talking animatedly about his passion for swifts and the fact that he had given two swift boxes as a birthday present to his wife. You may think that’s brave but our venerable Chief Pelican overheard this, spun on his heels, and, in a ‘Eureka’ moment, exclaimed that it was a brilliant idea and thanks for sharing. Apologies, Mrs Chief Pelican, if this is a spoiler for your next birthday. Joking apart, do look into the importance and plight of the remarkable little birds. You will find that their arduous travels rival those of Shackleton.

Not many carefree days for swifts yet I hope you find some down time over the weekend.

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