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Capt. JRA Woodard RN

Capt. JRA Woodard RN

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Jol Woodard was born in Cornwall, educated at Lancing College, Sussex, and studied economics and geography at Exeter University. He joined the Royal Navy through the bursary scheme in 1991 as a short-career pilot. Having had a taste and with a fervour for more, he transferred to a full career in 2003 and has enjoyed a fantastic blend of operational flying, command, and staff tours.

Early appointments included a policy and regulations role in the Joint Helicopter Command Headquarters, and Operations Officer in both the Joint Helicopter Force (Northern Ireland) and CHF Headquarters. Following a stint as Military Advisor to the 2-star Head of the Fleet Air Arm, he attended the Advanced Command and Staff Course in 2008, before moving into the Ministry of Defence’s Afghanistan policy and strategy team. Promoted Captain in 2013, he spent three years in Army Headquarters as Assistant Head Air Manoeuvre Capability Development before becoming the luckiest man alive and taking up his current assignment, Captain BRNC, in September 2016.

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