Buzzing! | King's Hall School Taunton
With 56 boarders, casual boarders and a boarding dog the boarding house is buzzing. The first week back is always a shock to the system but it didn’t take

us long to get back into the swing of things.

This weekend we made the most of the mild weather and spent Sunday morning on the beach. The children had great fun paddling in the sea, rock climbing, wave dodging and playing football, rugby and frisbee. Once the games were over we settled down to a delicious picnic-, however I did get the feeling our Spanish pupils and our GAP student thought we were a little crazy!

We are very excited about all the lovely things we have for the term ahead!

A message from our boarding puppy Snoops....

I am happy to report that 2019 has started well for me. After a relaxing Christmas break I was very excited by the return of my boarding friends. There have been so many exciting things happening as well as new boarders joining our happy house. I like these human puppies very much; they are very playful!

The thing I enjoyed most this week was the School Weekly Run. I joined in with the Year 5/6 run on Tuesday and the senior run on Friday. It was immensely good fun and the children enjoyed having some canine competition. Having four legs put me at an advantage but unfortunately i did not come in first position, I've been told that winning isn't everything and we are all working on our personal bests. I've taken some advice from our top country runners and I feel in a strong position to improve my personal time. Their two top tips were, not to spend so much time sniffing in the hedges around the field perimeters and not to concern myself about the teachers who aren't managing to keep up!

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