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I hope that heading into Lockdown 2.0 doesn’t cause too many problems for you. Given that schools are staying open, lockdown for me won’t feel too different. I will still be going to work obviously, I don’t very often head into town to browse high street shops and visits to the pub are a rarity. What I will miss though is the chance to have friends round for supper etc. We have a couple of diary entries that will need to be cancelled, sadly.

Our intention remains to see the glass as half full and keep as much of our usual routine and as many of the experiences that make up life at King’s Hall in play – and for the children, actually, it means almost all of it.

We shall still be having our Remembrance service on the 11th at 11am and last night we had a scaled down fireworks display for the boarders - a very quick snippet can be found on Twitter. (Can’t deny that this evening would have been a perfect, chilly, clear night to have had the usual big show with all the families here, though – ho hum.)

Next week we also have a Children in Need fundraiser from the Pupil Council (see later in the Newsletter) and further ahead, Year 8 plays, nativities, the Carol Service, remembering St Nicolas and other Christmas celebrations are all being retained in some form or another.

It is worth noting, that the children are still going to academic lessons, still working hard and making good progress – this is, after all, a core activity in schools and where they spend the majority of their time in a day! There are some exams coming up for some of the older pupils (Year 7 next week) and I do know that they are generally applying themselves sensibly to be able to give a good showing of their abilities. It is always nice to see children with HMCs for simply working hard consistently. I remind the children fairly often, it is cool to work hard – and it certainly makes life easier when you know you have given your best to the key tasks.

I have deliberately not commented in a big way on the US Election here (it’s hard to find any current affairs stories beyond Covid and the US Election at present) but I do want to share the comment of a child: ‘Sir, is it like running the cross country and when you’re in the lead half way through you think you should be given the gold medal?’.

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