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Come rain or shine, whether it's Woodland Adventures, Pelican Explorers or #ForestSchool sessions, our 'Little Wood… - 7 days ago

It's Goodbye from Me!

Published on: Friday, July 2, 2021

I have been doing the weekly newsletter for the past 9 years I have been running boarding, and there are some things I will not miss! I will, however, miss the children who have become my extended family. I never knew my heart could experience the highs and lows of a boarding family, but it did. I have loved every minute of being with the children and have experienced so many wonderful things.

Our trip to Cornwall for a weekend was just the best. It was in the middle of  March, and we were paddling in the sea, picnicking on the beach, eating fish and chips  at Rick Steins  and enjoying trips around the bays in a  speed  boat. For  several  years we would camp out on the last weekend of term,  toasting  sausages  and  marshmallows  and going on torch  light  walks  through the woods.

There were emotional times as well. It was never easy saying goodbye to the leavers. There was one boy called  Terrence  who arrived at the  front  door on his own,  aged 6,  suitcase in hand saying “Hi I'm Terrence, I think this is my new  school?” He  arrived in Year 3 and left in Year 8 and very quickly became a very special member of the boarding house. Coming away from home to board at school at such a young age meant that we all took  him under our wings  and watched him grow over the  years into a loveable, scruffy  monosyllabic  teenager. When it was time for him to leave King's, he said to me, “Why are you crying Mrs Masters?” I replied, “because  I will miss you Terrence” and  his reply was, “Whatever!” but in his own awkward  way we all knew he would miss us too. 

There  has not  been a day gone by when I haven’t felt that warm feeling of proudness, whether it be a boarder  achieving  something or just the odd comment of, “How  was your day  Mrs  Masters?” Taking them out on trips was always a pleasure knowing  that they would  behave,  remember  their manners and just being  grateful for what they had  experienced.  

The  hardest thing, I think, was  homesickness, it is so hard seeing any child upset and knowing the best we can do is just be there, listen and comfort them, although Snoops is by far the best distraction! You  cannot  beat a good lick and a cuddle from the boarding dog!  

There is one thing however that I cannot  walk away from, and that is Snoops. I  cannot  thank Ali Milburn  enough  for gifting us a school dog. When we went to have  a look  at  a litter  of puppies, and this  crazy  bundle  of fur jumped into my bag as if to say, “Pick me, pick me!!”. It is without a doubt the best  thing that we have ever been given. Snoops has at some point reached out his paw to  each  one  of us with his  licks,  cuddles, party tricks and  is very much the perfect school dog. As I  can't  let him go, he will still come with me to nursery a couple of days a  week  and I will steal him away  for the  occasional  weekend and  a few weeks in the holidays  but he will continue to be in and around the boarding  house  and school  doing the job he does best, spreading  love and happiness among us all. 

A huge thank you to the amazing boarding team but  particularly  to all the wonderful children I have had the pleasure of looking after over the years. 

Did Someone Say Water Fight?

Published on: Wednesday, June 23, 2021

I know you shouldn’t complain about the heat but it has been a real scorcher of a weekend. Only one thing for it...a water fight. What a fabulously soaking wet morning we had. With 1000 water balloons filled, enough water pumps for everyone and splat balls we were all set to have the biggest water fight ever in the history of the school!

The photos say it all, it was such good fun and then to be able to dive into the pool and cool off was just perfect.

The only down side was picking up all the popped balloons! Huge apologies to Roger if we missed any!

Did Someone say Birthday ...?

Published on: Tuesday, May 18, 2021

After what has been a very busy week, this weekend needed to be somewhat lazy and relaxing. 

Chill out time around school; swimming, rounders, karting and a man hunt were on the cards!  Also big discussions about a very special birthday coming up – sorry Mr Eyers, someone even more special than you!  Yes, you’ve guessed it, Snoops will be four years old on 31 May, so we have decided to celebrate it on the 22 with a party. If you have any recipes for dog birthday cakes, they would be gratefully received! Definitely something to look forward to. 

I will also let you into a little secret; Mr Eyers celebrates his 21st birthday on Saturday so this will be another excuse for celebrating. However, making a cake for him I think will prove far more difficult than for Snoops!! I best get checking out recipes…

A Lovely, Leisurely, Long Weekend

Published on: Friday, May 7, 2021

Last weekend was our long weekend. While most of the boarders went home, 10 children stayed in school and what a treat they had. 

Friday night was 'pizza night' courtesy of Papa John’s – they were delicious! On Saturday morning we went to Vivary Park were the children did the tree top adventures, the low ropes, high ropes, the climbing wall and the jump. They were amazing, fearless and courageous – I however had both feet firmly on the ground and felt really quite sick watching them. When I asked one of the children did they like the “jump” he replied, “No, I thought I was going to die!” A big shout out to Carter and Miss B, the only ones to reach the top of the climbing wall. I was so proud of them, all literally achieving such great heights. This was followed by a well-deserved picnic, football in the park and rounded off with an ice-cream.

On Sunday we made the most of the outdoors, knowing rain was on the way. We had a huge BBQ in the woods along with lots of garden games and even fitted in a swim in our wonderfully heated outdoor pool. Another late night led to a very leisurely breakfast late on Monday morning. The weather was atrocious so an indoor day of 'Sardines' and 'Hide and Seek' making the most of the indoor space. We did eventually find everyone (!)  and sat down to enjoy hearty plates of lasagne, garlic bread and salad followed by strawberries and ice-cream. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the weekend with the children and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Happy Easter!

Published on: Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I’m sitting here on Sunday afternoon enjoying the sounds of the birds, bees and chickens, wondering how long this peace and quiet will last. The children are on an Easter egg hunt solving riddles and rhymes collecting mini eggs along the way. The last clue will lead them to the woods where they will hunt for their final egg then followed by a picnic and an afternoon swim.

Another happy day for the boarders.

Have a wonderful Easter break and see you all soon.

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