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Dear Friends,

In this week’s diary I’m going to share some of my favourite board games with you.

Why not have a look at the games that you have at home and choose one of your favourites to play with your family this weekend. I know from past experience that it isn’t always the easiest task getting everyone in the family to sit down and participate in a game, but give it a go. I know that a great number of you have just about perfected the art of ‘pester power’. Another tip is to copy my adorable, but highly persuasive, puppy dog eyes; they’re enough to melt even the coldest of hearts!

So here goes, my list of favourites are as follows; maybe you've got one of them in your games cupboard/chest too:

  1. Cluedo
  2. Rumikub
  3. Pictionary
  4. Taboo
  5. Ticket to Ride
  6. Sequence
  7. Risk

You may notice that Monopoly is not on my list. It’s just that I’ve had a few exasperating experiences with that particular game. I don’t know about you, but I find that there’s always someone in the family that manages to buy about 5 hotels, and it’s never me. The said person pretends not to gloat (but it’s obvious they are).

I usually end up with a downtown property such as The Old Kent Road and just a few pound notes. I’ve been known to get stuck in prison for hours on end and I somehow manage to pick up cards that say that I’m not allowed to collect £200 when I pass go. You may not believe this last observation, but I’ve even seen players sneakily rob money from the bank when no one is watching! I’m sure this has never happened in your family but I have my suspicions about one of your teachers!

Have you ever heard a member of staff talking about planning a bank robbery, and using children to help? It’s worrying having such a teacher in our midst, I know, but I think he/she is just kidding!

Anyway, let me know which game you choose to play and have a great weekend.

Your pal

Snoops xx

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