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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the boarding house? All of our boarders will likely tell you that the Sewing Room is the heart of the house, which is technically true. I don’t think many realise the amazing work that our team does, so this week I thought I would enlighten you...

Late Tuesday night, at about 9.00pm, Matron will put to wash all of the children’s games kit (bearing in mind that some pupils had completed the King's Loop and ended up wearing two sets of games kit), so we're probably talking 45 tracksuits, rugby tops, and shorts, plus double that in socks! Once washed, they then get dried while all the children’s pants, socks and white shirts are washed - another 80 socks! Now you can understand why everything needs to be named.

Wednesday morning it's straight to work, making sure that all boarders kit is sorted, folded and put in piles in the dining room ready for collection at break. Then begins the task of sorting and putting away all of the children’s clothes and making each child a bundle of their things. Now, let me tell you the true meaning of a "bundle" - it is when one of our team rolls the children’s socks, pants and shirts together in a neat little stack, which they are then able to pick up from the clothing shelf post-shower. n

Once this is done, it's then time to commence the tedious task of mending. We have enough unnamed clothes, believe it or not, to fit out the whole school! Then there are opticians, orthodontic, and doctors appointments that the children need taking to, or a trip to the local shops to pick up the essentials, all before returning back to the boarding house to strip and remake the beds.

Meanwhile, our School Nurse not only deals with all medical issues, including cuts, grazes, fevers and the everyday aches and pains of the boarding staff, but also lends a helping hand with the sewing. Oh the list is endless, but thankfully we have an amazing team who are passionate about their jobs and have one goal in mind: to support and protect our lovely boarding community.

So this week I would like to say a huge thank you to Matron, Colleen, Sarah and Siobhan - we couldn't cope without you! Oh, and I almost forgot to say that while this is all going on, Snoops has got his paws on it all - sorting laundry, chewing the unpaired socks, and tending to the sick. He too is a very important member of the boarding team.

Clare Masters
Head of Boarding

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