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Welcome back to the, err, Summer term. The Easter weekend drew summer wardrobes out of the attic and barbecues were dusted off but, as soon as someone mentioned cricket practice, the rain duly fell!

Despite the damp start we have begun in good spirits and headed straight into various events. I drove some 8S pupils with Mrs Stuckes and Mrs Cole to the bus stop early this morning as they are enjoying a couple of days in London; others in Year 8, as well as some in Year 7, have been brilliant ambassadors and guides during our Open Day today. It was another very well attended day with much to celebrate and to make you proud. After some brief thoughts from me, there is not much of real substance to report and so the newsletter contains mainly signposts to be aware of and normal service will be resumed next week.

You cannot fail to have noticed the amazing and significant add-ons to the Adventure Playground which we should have the children clambering on very soon. It took a good while to embed and the inspectors then required a minor tweak which has now been done but they are not able to return and sign it off just yet: it will be hard to hold the children back for much longer! This expansion is again the result of the generosity of interested parties, and such benevolence continues to transform the experience of the children. We are very grateful. For those curious about further developments, there are ideas about additions of a more restful nature nearby for Phase 3.

In time, we will plant a hedge to separate the playground from the road; we are also going to enforce a no parking area on the bend beside the playground. It would, though, be good to think that this being a “no-stopping zone” is possible with immediate effect whilst there are no markings; however, we will be making this request clearer as the project matures. Perhaps we should start an ‘Unhelpful Parking’ section in the newsletter where number plates are posted?!

Less obvious for some is the smart refurb of our Reception classrooms and thanks go to our maintenance team for such a brilliant job!

It is usual for me to wish our Heads and Deputies good wishes for the term ahead and I do so to Jonty Heard and Emily Ogle, with Wilfie Rice and Josie Woodard supporting them. Congratulations to them all on their appointments.

The Summer Term is a happy and purposeful time and one with certain milestones to be reached and challenges to be met as every child moves towards another transition point. There is much to look forward to before Prize Day on 5 July and I hope to see many of you several times before then.

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Friday 1 October 2021

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