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Whoosh! Another week flies by. There is the very odd sensation of feeling from time to time that we’re stuck in treacle and yet the days and weeks keep churning through. I have taken a little peak at the Newsletter being constructed and it is so full of material that you don’t need a long intro from me in this guise.

There is a week to go until half term and I continue to be impressed with what I see from the children and grateful to parents for your encouragement of them. Unsurprisingly, we have all had our moments of falling out of love with the situation but by and large these have been few and brief. There is real strength for each of us to take from the tangible sense of collaboration, collective response as well as shared experiences (be they highs or lows).

One thing I will say is that one of the reasons there is a good deal to put in the Newsletter is that there is so much material being put out there for the children to engage with. Every time I go to Teams I seem to find another route into the maze to explore and as I walk further along the branch of the labyrinth I have selected I discover various jewels. Whether they be in the academic core tasks or enticements and challenges of the creative and sporting kind. So I do encourage the children to go hunting for treasure within Teams. Whether it be Mr Halls’ weekly challenge for points or a quiz, to Mr DJ seeking contributions to a collective piece – thanks again to the Senior Choir for their very apposite piece this week – these are just a few examples of the choice for all.

I know we talk about the weather a lot in this country but aren’t we so grateful that it is not dreary at the moment – I hope you make the most of it over the weekend.

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